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HJIT Digital identity

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Our creative manifesto 

1. Imaginative interpretations

We push our imaginations as far as they will go to solve design problems and connect with audiences for clients who push the boundaries of what's possible in the Tech, Finance and Health sectors.

2. Content goals

We are committed to making sure our creative productions are going to make the biggest (positive) impact that it possibly can.

3. Content hierarchy

We believe in the 5w's approach, (often leveraged by journalism giants) to help us make good design decisions while efficiently wire-framing and collaborating as a team.

4. Typefaces and readability

The thought of terrible typography practices terrifies us.

5. Brand identity

We really appreciate the trust that is shown when we get an opportunity to work with established brands. We strive to respect and enhance the hard work and investment that has gone into building an identity.

6. Client collaboration

No one has all the time or money in the world… we work hard not to waste any.

Making to complex simple 

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