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The Best Online Tools for Creating Infographics

Infographics are revolutionising data. From the distance between planets to the dangers of coke, infographics tackle traditional data and present it in a creative way. Fancy trying your hand? You don’t have to be a design pro – you can build your own infographic using simple online software. After you summon that kickass idea, browse through our list to find the right tool for you.

Your Canva experience begins with a handy tutorial. Alongside the short intro video, Canva provides tutorials on advanced concepts. The tool is easy to use – there are templates for social media, blogs, posters, invitations and more. Can’t find images for your infographic? Canva has a library chock-full of them. You’ll need to import your own data visualisations though, as there are no editable chart objects.

Price: Free, but you’ll need to pay for Pro quality design assets individually or bring in a professional designer and ask for an asset bank of after your projects to start building what you need to leverage the tool.

Before you start, Piktochart will give you a tour of their features. Consequently, their simple graphic tools will give you tons of freedom. Piktochart has a brilliant user interface too – its intelligently-placed tools let you play design wizard. You can modify colour schemes, insert pre-loaded graphics and easily align graphical elements.

Price: The free version has three basic themes. A pro account costs £20.49 per month, which is relatively pricey. excels with its range of graphs, charts and maps. What’s more, you can upload your own pictures and videos to make gripping infographics. To customise data, provides you with an Excel-style spreadsheet. It can be easily edited and converts into an infographic in real time. Note: you can only download the infographic with a paid subscription. There is also no image library.

Price: Basic version is free. A “Pro” account costs £13 a month. is well known in the digital design world. Set up in 2011, it’s a community platform for data visualisation. Their infographic-building tool is one of the best. It contains data feeds, jazzy style ideas and diverse themes. When using, you’re among the best designers on the web, so make sure to browse some uploaded infographics.

Price: Free after a sign-up

Venngage is a simple, drag-and-drop infographic tool. It provides several templates, icons, pictograms and more. Venngage also has built in graphs (hence the name). You can manually enter data or import spreadsheets. Bonus: you can animate your infographics too! Sleek and beginner-friendly, Venngage is a sure bet.

Price: Free. Premium version is £13

These online tools don’t offer the robust functionality that you’d get with a graphics program, but they do provide a simple, user-friendly alternative. They don’t require a long-term investment either. All of the above are free to use at a basic level. If you want advanced features, you can upgrade or work with a professional design outfit where you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred pound to a few grand depending on who you go to and how complicated your project is. offer a great value professional service that gets results

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